I never knew Stitched by Sukie would be where it is today. If I could go back and talk to the clueless freshman attending Morgan State University in 2011 I would tell her to not choose fashion as a major go bigger. However that is not how things worked out. I have no regrets. Who knew the girl that had dreams of owning a major fashion blog and attending fashion shows. Thinking she would be on a VIP list front row would be here today. I always knew I wanted to be in the fashion world but I never knew what I wanted to do. It was a struggle finding my true calling. This whole time I knew how to sew because I was self taught and got my first sewing machine when I was 16 ( That thing sat in a box for about 4 years smh). Sewing was just not my passion and I just didn't like sewing clothes at the time. 
In college I ran 3 fashion blogs with my friends but things just didn't work out. I started a custom clothing business where I was distressing jeans and whatever my friends would throw at me. But that all stopped when I got my first retail job.
After being in retail for so long I quickly thought okay this might be my career. I mastered the art of visual merchandising in stores and moved my way up to management. While working at Nordstroms that's where Stitched by Sukie started brewing and who knew I would make a business out of it.
Buying so many handbags over the 4 years I seriously got sick of myself. After getting ready to buy the most expensive bag that my little check could buy. I picked it up and said I honestly think I can make this. I immediately went home and did my research went to the store got the few supplies in the store that I needed and created my first handbag. Once I was ready to post it, I went to twitter and announced my new business. I honestly didn't expect that tweet to go viral but it did and I sold out of my first 10 handbags in one day

Stitched by Sukie is more than just a handbag company I want the experience to feel like every bag is customized to your style and look. I would have never thought I would be here today but I am and it feels amazing to see so many people support me. 

As I still continue to support myself with a full time job in hopes of fully becoming self employed one day. It brings me great joy to be able to do this every day. Like it has literally been one of the best things I ever done. Each bag and accessory I make is like a butterfly breaking it's cocoon for the first time. The cocoon is me brewing and developing this crazy Idea I have inside and the butterfly is the release of that bag. I just hope that I am able to inspire and make every one who shops with me feel that effect.